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Welcome to the Gatsby Starter Chronoblog! This starter will help you quickly launch a personal website using Chronoblog Gatsby Theme. Replace this text with your own here: src/pages/index.mdx


Full Blog Post Example

December 1, 2019

All the usual blog post.

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🔗 Link to Chronoblog Theme repo


November 12, 2019

Link card is a card, when clicked, the user goes to the specified link.

Use it to refer to your articles on other resources, to your new works (wherever they are posted: Github, Dribbble or anything else), to the certificates you received, and in general, to whatever is more convenient give a link.

🔗 Video in Link Card


November 11, 2019

An example of how you can embed YouTube videos in a link card. Link leads to this video on YouTube.

November 2, 2019

Note card - the type of content that is fully displayed in the feed of the site - it is suitable for short notes (like this one), videos, podcasts, slides, etc.

Since this is markdown - here you can do everything that allows you to do this format.

See below for examples of how you can use notes.


October 26, 2018

An example of how you can embed YouTube videos in a note.

October 2, 2018

Embed Codepen code in note.



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